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We’re Allie and Meg

We are two hometown Wisconsin friends who believe in the experience, finding happiness in the simplest of moments, and community. We created our signature handcrafted cocktail collection with this in mind. There is truly nothing better than gathering your girlfriends around a bonfire, sharing a cocktail, and making memories. 

We bring the cocktails.
you bring the community.

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1. Add 12 ounces of liquor. Kits can be infused with the liquor of your choice. Each kit comes with a recipe card with suggestions for infusing, along with ways to mix it.

2. Refrigerate for 3 days. Kits should be chilled for up to three days. Occasionally shake well.

3. Strain. Strain contents of infusion kit. Kits can be infused a total of 2 times, for 8-16 cocktails!

4. Mix & Enjoy. Mix infused liquor with any mixer or enjoy straight up!

5. Infuse again! Each kit can be infused two times for a total of 8-16 cocktails. 

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